Monday, June 10, 2019

Dinosaur Sand and Wash Outdoor messy play!

Today's activity is an outdoor, messy one! We made some play "sand" out of a few ingredients and added some dinosaurs and a wash bin for  very messy, very fun time!

All you will need to make the "sand" is:
4 cups of flour
1/2 vegetable or sunflower oil 
food coloring (optional) + a table spoon  more of  oil if you want to color

Measure out your 4 cups flour and mix in 1/2 cup oil and mix with spoon or hands until blended! You can add more oil for a squishier texture!
 If you want to color the "sand" mix desired food coloring with a table spoon  of oil , mix up and add to flour. You will have to remix.

We also added some plastic dinosaurs, trees, a few digging utensils and a wash bin with a strainer! 

We love keeping the mess contained in a mini kiddie pool but you can set up however you want! 

Embrace the mess and enjoy! 

Pom Pom Play

Today's activity is a super simple one that will buy you a little time here and there when you need it!
Pom Pom Play!

All you need is :
Egg carton (ours came from Pete and Gerrys Organic Eggs)
Plastic spoons

It's as easy as that! My son likes to organize the pompoms by size and color, move then around from on spot to another, count them and say their colors! This will keep him entertained for a surprising long amount of time!

Keeps little hands busy with minimal mess!

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Messy Indoor "Mud & Slime" Play!

Today's activity is Messy Indoor "Mud & Slime" Play!

Time to take out your kiddie pool and lay some towels down !

 We found this kiddie pool locally for under $5 so keep an eye out when you are shopping! A hard plastic pool would work just fine as well.
  For "mud" :
Water, flour and food coloring 
(You can skip the food coloring and add some cocoa powder in to make it more mud like, we skip that part because we have 3 dogs)
For "Slime" :
 Water , cornstarch and food coloring

Start with the flour or cornstarch and add water until desired consistency then add a few drops of  food coloring! The great part is you can keep adding the dry ingredients if its too thin or add more water if its too thick! We like to change it up and make it thicker sometimes!
You can put the mud and slime in baking tins, cups, Tupperware or just in the pool if you are trying to get real messy! :)

Other supplies you can use:
Baking tins, Tupperware etc
Plastic animals
Spoons for digging
Bucket of water for washing animals off ( my son LOVES this part)

Sit back and watch your little one make a big mess, but hey its contained so clean up is easy!!!

Friday, June 7, 2019

Bath Tub Painting!

Today's activity is Bath Tub Painting!
 It's fun for kids but the best part is the easy clean up!
We used:
a paint brush
masking tape
cotton balls
a toilet Paper tube
paper plate
some plastic dinosaurs and other animals

Just tape some paper to the shower wall or don't use paper and let them paint the shower! We do a little of both! :) 
Provide your little one with a plate with some washable paint and some painting tools. This time we used a small paint brush, cotton balls, a toilet paper tube and plastic animals to make feet prints or to paint! Use whatever you have on hand!

After your little one is all done with their masterpiece just remove paper and tools and turn on the shower or tub!
My son loves the clean up just as much as the painting! Involve them by having them help you clean up the paint and wash the tools and animals!
Here is a masterpiece from today! Make sure you subscribe and follow our social media sites for daily activities! 

Dinosaur Sand and Wash Outdoor messy play!

Today's activity is an outdoor, messy one! We made some play "sand" out of a few ingredients and added some dinosaurs and a w...