Saturday, June 8, 2019

Messy Indoor "Mud & Slime" Play!

Today's activity is Messy Indoor "Mud & Slime" Play!

Time to take out your kiddie pool and lay some towels down !

 We found this kiddie pool locally for under $5 so keep an eye out when you are shopping! A hard plastic pool would work just fine as well.
  For "mud" :
Water, flour and food coloring 
(You can skip the food coloring and add some cocoa powder in to make it more mud like, we skip that part because we have 3 dogs)
For "Slime" :
 Water , cornstarch and food coloring

Start with the flour or cornstarch and add water until desired consistency then add a few drops of  food coloring! The great part is you can keep adding the dry ingredients if its too thin or add more water if its too thick! We like to change it up and make it thicker sometimes!
You can put the mud and slime in baking tins, cups, Tupperware or just in the pool if you are trying to get real messy! :)

Other supplies you can use:
Baking tins, Tupperware etc
Plastic animals
Spoons for digging
Bucket of water for washing animals off ( my son LOVES this part)

Sit back and watch your little one make a big mess, but hey its contained so clean up is easy!!!

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